Free Lunch & Learn Webinar – Flammable Liquids and the Fundamentals of Static Electricity

Free Lunch & Learn Webinar: Flammable Liquids and the Fundamentals of Static Electricity

Tuesday 13 June at 12 noon (UK time)

Avoiding static ignition hazards when handling solvents and flammable liquids is one of the biggest safety challenges in chemical operations. Despite these well-known hazards, incidents still occur at sites all over the world, often through the use of inadequate equipment or poor maintenance, underestimation of the hazards, or poor training and understanding of the dangers.

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What attendees can expect from the session:

This webinar will provide insight and practical advice including:

  • Understand how static can accumulate and the dangers of accidental discharge
  • Assess the dangers which can be present within your own practices
  • Sharing of Best Practice on how to dissipate static safely
  • Highlight existing Standards to support Risk Assessments
  • Questions & Answers

About our Speaker:

Sean Makin, Regional Sales Manager – Newson Gale

Part of the Hoerbiger Group, Nottingham- based Newson Gale has been leading the way in hazardous area static grounding control for over 30 years, serving industries where processes generating static electricity have the potential to ignite flammable or combustible atmospheres. With several years’ experience in the field of static control, Sean Makin, Regional Sales Manager with Newson Gale, will present on how static electricity can accumulate and discuss some of the preventative measures that can be taken to avoid accidental discharge.