Free SIA Lunch & Learn Webinar – The Role of Scope 3 Emissions

The Solvents Industry Association has teamed up with Ricardo to construct a free of charge 1-hour ‘Lunch & Learn’ Session.

An SIA Lunch & Learn Webinar: Your Decarbonisation Journey and the Role of Scope 3 Emissions

Thursday 4 May at 12 noon (UK time)

Your Scope 3 (value chain) carbon emissions can account for up to 90% of your organisation’s greenhouse gas impact and tackling them is a vital part of your decarbonisation journey. Investors, consumers and legislators are increasingly expecting organisations to demonstrate progress in this area – but what’s the best approach?

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What attendees can expect from the session:

Ricardo’s experts will provide insight and practical advice including:

  •          What are Scope 3 emissions?
  •          Why do you need to tackle your Scope 3 emissions?
  •          How can you calculate scope 3 emissions?
  •          Where should you start and how should you continue?
  •          Guidance and support.
About our Speakers:
Rachel Mason-Salkeld: Rachel is a principal consultant for Ricardo’s sustainability, energy and carbon management team and has been working in the sector since 2013 scoping and implementing a wide range of decarbonisation and energy reduction projects. Rachel’s varied project experience and wide knowledge of decarbonisation measures enables her to take a holistic approach to carbon and energy related problems and deliver carbon, energy, and cost savings for clients through solutions that meet each client’s unique requirements.

Jess Morris: Jess is a senior consultant for Ricardo’s sustainability, energy and carbon management team. She is experienced in the delivery of technical projects, in particular energy efficiency, energy management in the built environment and carbon management. Jess has been project manager for numerous projects, finding effective ways for clients to accelerate their journey to net zero.