Oxygenated Solvents – Esters

2nd September 2019

Esters or acetates are commonly used oxygenates which have good solvency power and characteristic odours.Ethyl acetate and N-propyl acetate for […]

Oxygenated Solvents – Glycol Ethers

Glycol ethers consist of a large group of around 30 products, utilised extensively within the sector producing ‘water-based’ materials. Unique […]

SIA launches new Solvents Family Brochure

19th March 2018

The SIA and the European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG) have launched an updated version of ‘The Solvents Family – Welcome […]

Where Do Solvents Come From?

25th January 2016

With the exception of fermented alcohols, non-aqueous solvents are derived from oil, gas and other fossil fuel sources. These are […]