Oxygenated Solvents

3rd September 2019

Oxygenated solvents are solvents whose chemical structure contains carbon atoms, hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms. The four main groups of […]

Oxygenated Solvents – Alcohols

2nd September 2019

Alcohols are a versatile range of solvents used in large quantities in a wide range of applications. Very miscible with […]

Oxygenated Solvents – Ketones

Ketones are a group of solvent products widely used in cosmetics and personal care, surface coatings, pharmaceutical manufacture, printing inks, […]

Oxygenated Solvents – Esters

Esters or acetates are commonly used oxygenates which have good solvency power and characteristic odours.Ethyl acetate and N-propyl acetate for […]

Oxygenated Solvents – Glycol Ethers

Glycol ethers consist of a large group of around 30 products, utilised extensively within the sector producing ‘water-based’ materials. Unique […]